The Shop

The shop was our first county approved, permitted structure, and our first crash course in conventional framing.  It's a pretty straight forward design, and was a great way to learn the skills tools and lingo involved in subsequent, larger projects.  It was an absolute blessing to have up and functioning when we began building the house.  It now serves as a birth place for any and every goofy project we dream up, be they wood, metal or beyond.

It is a 20' X 20' building with a 4 in 12 pitched gable roof.  It's framed almost entirely with salvaged 2X4s.  The windows are also salvaged.  We decided on a snap-loc metal roof and 8'' cedar tongue and groove siding, with some corrugated metal on the front to add some character.  The interior walls are just painted OSB (oriented strand board), and the ceiling is the more corrugated metal from a recycled car port.  All of the interior shelving was cobbled together from salvaged doors, kitchen cabinets, a dinner table found on the side of the road, and various bits of scrap lumber.

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