The Mission

Armed with a dream, hilariously inadequate skills and an abnormal amount of gumption, John and Christy are on a mission to revolutionize their lives for their own sake, and the sake of the environment.

The goal? To build the smartest, most responsible homestead we can, using renewable and salvaged resources, alternative approaches to common problems and an openness to learning. We will build it ourselves, and aim to generate everything we need on our own land: food, water, electricity and good times. We will be utilizing solar power, a rain water catchment system, a greywater system, an extensive carden, a composting toilet, chickens, ect.   Good luck to us.

By chronicling our experiences, the good, bad and ridiculous, we hope to encourage others on the same path, take part in conversations, get in touch with a community of homesteady types, learn from our mistakes, exercise extreme humility, and who knows, maybe provide some useful information to someone.  We can dream, right?