Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our gorgeous ( almost finished) stairs!

 You know how you get used to something looking a certain way and kinda stop seeing it? This had happened with John and I and our stairs. They have been the temporary stairs for over a year now and we had gotten way too used to them.  They served us well but had begun to make quite a racket when we or the cats went up and down. I can't begin to tell you how many nights we woke up when a certain  cat thundered down the stairs and it sounded like the house was coming down. But no longer!   We installed real stairs!  Here are some before shots:

And After!

Years ago , when we were taking down trees to build the house, we had a Doug Fir milled into planks with a live edge just for the purpose of stairs. The 12 ft long planks sat in the shop for over a year until we were ready to tackle the project. John cut them all to the right size , keeping the best of the live edge, and I sanded them all to a smooth finish working my up to 400 grit. We enlisted the help of a finish carpenter friend for the landing. We worked magic with one of the planks, creating a landing a with 3 sides of a live edge AND a matching grain.  The landing is a real show stopper.  John did the sealing with Dalys Floor Fin, a product we had never used, and it created a gorgeous finish that  somehow looks like glass but is not slippery. For the rises we used cedar tongue n groove that we still had leftover from the ceiling ( except we used the back side so you can't see the groove) and stained it to match the baseboard trim.

Now all we have left to do for the stairs is a skirt on the sides to hide the edges and some sort of railing to protect the littlest Delp that is on the way. I suggested to John that we forgo the railing and just pad the floor. He suggested that I come back inside the box just a little. We'll see.