Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Partners in Crime

You'll notice to the left that we've added a new blog to our list of appreciated homesteady-type bloggers.  Spring Board Farm is a "mini-micro-tiny farm" run by our good friends Berry and Stacey.  I've known Berry for a long time, we once lived together in a 5th wheel trailer in the south end of San Jose, Ca.  You don't share a trailer with someone without liking them a lot and getting to know them very well.  From San Jose, we moved up to Seattle together and have remained close friends since.

A few years ago he married Stacey, a full-blooded Washingtonian with a green thumb and creative spirit.  Motivated by many of the same social, political and ecological leanings as us, they leapt into the homesteading way of life by buying a 2 acre chunk of land near Tacoma, Wa.  The property was great when they bought it: an old single-level house, a prairie-style barn, lots of flat pasture area and gigantic, mature fruit trees, but in their hands it's blossomed into a productive, beautiful slice of homestead heaven.  Christy and I will often feel sheepishly unproductive after chatting with B&S, which is not a feeling we're accustomed to.  The only comforting thing I can tell myself is that, while Christy and I are products of suburbia, Berry is a veteran farm boy from Minnesota, and Stacey comes from hearty wood workers with tools and tractors.  It doesn't take away from their persistence or productivity, but I have to believe that they have a genetic predisposition over us, because damn if they don't get a lot done!

While they have and are expanding on a respectable vegetable garden, a lot of their time (aside from their full-time jobs) is spent on livestock.  Their 2 acres have become a menagerie of pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and cows.  Our freezer still has some of their pork in it from a year ago!  They process their own poultry, sell eggs, sell pork and are raising two Scottish Highland Cows, Juniper and Laurel.   We're planning on buying some more pork from them when the two pigs they have now are ready; it's a wonderful thing to cook up some bacon in the morning from a pig you've met that was raised by one of your best friends!  Every time we get together with them, Christy and I feel reenergized and excited about new projects.  B&S are dreamers of the best kind- the kind that make their dreams realities.

We have a lot to learn from these two, and you do too!  Enjoy their blog.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What !?!?

This blew my mind and has made me feel, well, just sad for the last couple of days.  Watching the government being taken over by a congress playing political games at the detriment of the American people, watching them sit idly by and point fingers at each other while people lose their paychecks makes me sick to my stomach.  The fact is that our elected officials are bought by the 1% and they work for them, not for us. How do we fight for ourselves against a machine this big and this loaded? 

If you haven't already watched this video ( as it has been floating in the ether for quite some time now) please watch it in its entirety.  The first step towards the power to fight is knowledge.