Friday, September 20, 2013

Homesteading: An on-going process of moving piles of wood from one place to another.

Christy and I were reflecting recently on how much our life has changed over the last six months, since moving into the house.  We took a break, for the most part, from large construction projects, got full time jobs that aren't farm related, sleep without scarves bundled around our heads and shower, inside, on a regular basis.  After two years of yurt living and constant building, it's been a drastic change.

I got a warm fuzzy feeling this week when I caught sight of our reflections, covered in saw dust and wood chips, dripping wet and filthy in our big muck boots and manual-labor clothes.  "Hey," I said, pointing us out to Christy, "We look like us again!"

Yeah, we're back at it.  The break was nice, but enough time has passed that we're anxious to pick up where we left off on our dozens of projects.  Since summer is winding down, we started off by cutting, splitting and stacking the three huge trees we took down may 2012.

Remember these things?  While harvesting trees for structural elements in the house, we took down a couple that were dead standing and rotting.  We obviously couldn't build with them, but figured they could fuel our wood stove for a good long time.  Since then, they've sat in a pile, patiently waiting for us to cut them up.  I've occasionally spent an hour here are there with a chainsaw cutting rounds, but the bulk of it happened this week, with a little help from a friend of ours who helped chop them up in exchange for taking a truck full for himself.

Our of curiosity, I whacked a couple with a maul.  That was enough to convince me that renting a wood splitter would be a solid investment.  Even with the splitter it took us a full two days to split it all, with Christy and me taking turns between splitting and stacking.  The splitter was fantastic, it would have taken us forever to split it all by hand.

The only downside of renting a splitter for a couple of days is that you're paying for it regardless of what the weather decides to do.  It decided to rain almost non stop.  We moved the operation underneath our large maple, the few hundred square feet we refer to as "The Maple Room".  It helped, but not much.

With about three chords of wood stacked up, not including the multiple piles of construction scrap we plan on burning all through this winter, I don't think we'll need to worry about fire wood for another three or four years.  That's just as well, because we're very sore and are still finding tiny splinters all over ourselves.

We ache, we're dirty, we're busy.... we're back.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Website Updatin'

As summer winds down, and we find ourselves a few extra minutes here and there, we'll be working on sprucing up the old website a bit.  I started today by updating our Greenhouse page, including the addition of an up-to-date video collage of it's creation, replacing the older version which was made before the thing was even finished!  Here's the video, to save you an extra click:

Next, I'm going to build the page for the house.  I'll be putting up our most recent glamour-shots, and might even film a little walk-though.

Honestly, I'm pleased as punch that fall is finally showing up.  So many things have been pushed aside lately, and so little time as been spent reading a book next to a roaring wood stove with a glass of bourbon and a cat in my lap....