Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pony Wall Makeover

We have spent the last two weeks hosting some amazing guests, notably my parents and their good friends who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! We spent all of our time eating, drinking, playing games, fishing, hiking, and took a little mini vacation from work, the house, the garden, and updating our little website.   It was truly wonderful to spend a week not worrying about the projects to come but spending time with such great people and to glimpse this whole project through their eyes.  Thanks to Diane, Dennis, Rick , and Suzie for reminding us , not only what has been accomplished at Mellish Fields, but also of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the charm of Kingston.

But relaxing no more! We are fired up to get cracking on the inside of the house and we did manage to tackle a major project  before guests arrived we just failed to post some pictures. We tackled the wall of the loft that looks down into the downstairs, also known as the pony wall since it is a half wall. It has been glaring down upon us in all of its' OSB glory for months and it was such a relief to knock this project off our to-do list.

We decided to use the same wood that we used on our floor, because we really liked it, and because we still have all of these bundles left, click here to read about the grand adventure that brought us this amazing reclaimed doug fir.  It needs to be cleaned up in the way of trimming all the pieces and we decided to mix it up and do an ombre effect instead of the randomly mixed colors of our floors. So I tackled trimming and sorting, making piles of lumber for John in varying shades. John was the official installer. We started from blond at the bottom and worked our way up to the darkest wood.   Here we go, an ombre wall in pictures!

It really transforms the living room and makes the house less and less of a construction site. And we think it looks pretty cool.  Next ..... the stairs!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Study in Disintegration

For our wedding we had an upright piano being played throughout the day. The piano was set upon the old yurt platform that served as a bandstand and it was pretty magical having this lovely piano being played outdoors.  We got the piano free off of craigslist and fully intended on getting rid of it soon after the wedding, via craigslist. That never happened.  What has happened is a study in disintegration. 

Wedding day,  August 2011

That Winter

Spring 2012

September 2012

February 2013

August 2013

As you can clearly see, this piano is just about to fall off the platform. I really really want to be here when it happens but I will NOT push it over ( repeat over and over to myself).  When it finally does fall  I am going to make a wind chime for the garden out of the sound board. I think that will do honor to the beauty we let disintegrate.