Monday, December 16, 2013

A Very Mellish Christmas

As this will be our first Christmas in our house, we couldn't wait to tart it up.  Actually, I started stringing up lights before Thanksgiving.  After a wonderful Thanksgiving with some awesome friends, we all sat around and cut paper snowflakes which are now hanging from our bedroom loft, as is a strand of Christmas lights.  Lights went up around our big bank of windows.  We continued our tradition of building our own Christmas tree, using the steel frame I welded last year which has holes drilled throughout it, which we fill with branches trimmed from various evergreen trees around the house.  Our fake real tree.

The house has been so comfy, we sometimes have to remind ourselves how cold we were last winter.  This winter we're spending a substantial amount of time cuddled up on the couch, reading books and feeding the wood stove.  Add to that a couple of purring cats and some rum in our eggnogs, and we're now, more than ever, enjoying the fruits of our labors.  My mother and sister will be here for the holiday, as will Christy's grandmother.  What better way to break in a house?

Although our blog has not been reflecting it, we have been productive lately, and we look forward to sharing some of our winter projects.  Christy has been plugging away at our kitchen island for a while now, and it's looking great.  A burly steel frame with bold, clean lines, stained wood sides with copper accents made of salvaged door kick-plates, and topped off with some gorgeous live-edge cherry wood we milled up.  I'm working up the courage to start the reading nook, and we've been bit-by-bit furnishing and decorating all over the place.

In the meantime, though, Happy Holidays from MFW, I hope you're all as cozy as we are!


  1. Just lovely. Can't wait to visit again!

  2. I do love your fake real Christmas tree. It's such a cool idea. Although this years tree looks much improved from last years. Christy must've helped. : )

    The kitchen island sounds goregous. Have fun with the reading nook, I can't wait to see what you have in mind for that space.

    Merry Christmas!

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