Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You have to go out of the way to come back a short distance correctly

One thing about house building is that you have to work in order and out of order at the same time. I mean, you can't put up the roof until the walls are up and yet you have to make so many advanced decisions in order to execute the process correctly. The idea is that you do these things in a way so that all of the chips fall together at the right time.

So the house is far from framed and we have had to spend these last few days making decisions about doors and windows.( In order to frame the house correctly.) We have also been taking this time to try to figure out what happens on certain walls when they meet the ceiling but I do believe that is for another post. On to doors and windows!

We discovered that you are allowed ONE freebie in terms of doors and windows being up to code. We obviously are choosing the ridiculous front door we found on Craigslist, but here is a reminder.  It is a pressed resin door with some crazy honeycomb inside.

We have two other doors in the house and we finally made the decision today to go with Doug Fir doors in a very simple style. One is a set of french doors. We are going smaller than normal ( 4 ft wide as opposed to 6 ft) to give it a different feel. More like wee hobbit doors.  The back door will be a simple half glass wooden door. We had to decide now because different doors come in varying dimensions and we need to know exactly in order to frame in the rough openings.

95% of our windows need to match each other for spacing so we are going with casement windows. Very simple, cost effective, and highly insulated. We have been able to chose a couple that can be their own thing and we have been scouring the architectural salvage places.

So as we are sitting at the Lumber yard debating the general merits of doors, I, who am petitioning for a divided light door, say to John " you know, when you start making compromises on the details you eventually lose all of the character in a house". He pretty much laughed and reminded me about the other purchases we have made lately. Here is one.

We have one window in the entrance way and we found a metal window( bronze) at a thrift shop that just rocks, and there is no way you could say this thing isn't up to code. It puts code to shame. I adore the latches and hardware on this thing and think it is going to add some serious charm.

Here is another. This one will never be up to any ones code but my own code of coolness. It is wooden and barely holding on to life right now, but I can shore it up and make it perfect. We have a wall when you first enter the house that divides the kitchen from the mud room and I want to put this window in that wall. It would be nice to be able to see into the kitchen and I think this window will be awesomely disorienting.

That is not a broken window. It is made to be a parallelogram.  I love LOVE it. I had in mind a window  for that space that was stained glass, or decorative and I think there will be places in the house for that, but I so love this in the entry way. The top corner will be directing you into the main living space.

So you don't think these crazy things are coming just from me, here is the gem that John picked out.

This is from an old grain factory and is a tool that was used to clean the bottom of the silos. It is metal, has a patented stamp up top and some great metal patches at the bottom and we are going to use it as a fire barrier behind the woodstove.

So as you can see, we are in no danger of losing character. Keeping the entire house from being a parallelogram? That is going to be something to watch out for.