Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chuck's New Trick

Remember when our chickens were the size of ping pong balls?  When all thirty of the adorable little fluff balls fit into a shoe box?  I do.  That was in October!

They are just about full-on chickens now!  They've learned how delicious corn and peanut hulls are, they have started eating weeds and are no longer eating chick starter.  As a result of all those things, they have ballooned to adult-chicken-like proportions.

And now, this:

That's Chuck.  Roosters get names, hen's don't.  Chuck started crowing a week or so ago, and is really polishing up his game.  That's a full "cock-a-doodle-do", up from a "cock-a-do" just days ago.  And he's getting louder!  The other rooster, also a silver laced wyandotte, is only managing a very weak "cock-a".  He's more timid and hasn't earned a name yet.  Chuck seems to be Chicken in Chief as far as the ladies are concerned.

It's just a matter of time before we start getting eggs!


  1. Hey Guys,
    Chickens look great. Hope they're protected from hungry eagles this spring! Haven't been here in awhile, but after reading the previous post (where I was unable to comment) I just wanted to tell you that the what you are doing together if totally amazing, and that I'm proud to be your friend. Seriously. And, just in case you need a quick break from all the work you are doing here is a website that has a soothing effect on me. Don't worry, it's not actually porn...

  2. that is so funny Artie! We JUST found that site , like, three days ago and I am pretty we have evaluated eery single cabin! Thanks for thinking of us... and i am pretty sure we are looong over due for a chat. Call you soon!

  3. ooops. That was christy. You probably figured.

  4. Randomly stumbled across this, and figured y'all might giggle as well.

    Werner Herzog on Chickens: