Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year in Review In Pictures. (Featured in People magazine)

This was exactly a year ago this week. The only thing on the land was the greenhouse and a Yome. 

 Then we added a chicken coop and a Huge garden fence!

We ushered in spring and began to prepare to move into the Yome. Sold our practical car and got a land working Jeep! 

We Got derailed on the Yome and moved into this awesome Yurt instead, sidestepping a landmine named no electricity and no kitchen.

We got Engaged!
  And then threw an amazingly fun filled wedding on a gorgeous day on our land. We often talk about  how much fun the entire week was!

We took this clump of trees and turned into a woodshop....

 Slowly, and learning via books and our own wacky ideas....
 It became this!

We learned to grow too many cucumbers and also learned quite a bit about preserving.

We took some time and relaxed in the beauty that is Washington state
 We learned to care for Chickens and then how to raise Chicks
 We had many good friends over for holidays in the cozy winterized Yurt. We drank our homemade blackberry wine. ( a video vlog on that is coming sooooonnnnn!)
Here is the land as it is now, looking down from where the house will be one year from now. That is our goal for 2012. I was going to make a fancy 2012 to -do list, but it all falls under the category of learn to build a house, learn to build a homestead, keep having fun.
With the same amount of tenacity, determination and sheer crazy, maybe this plot of land......

  Will look something, not at all, like this:

Minus the mime being skewered by the unicorn. And with a roof and not made out of foam core.

Happy New Year to everyone! I sincerely hope your 2011 was as joy filled as mine and that all of our 2012's will be filled with as much learning.


  1. Wow it all looks so great! And is that a little parisian man impaled on a unicorn? I can't wait for another year of your guy's blog!

  2. I wish all mimes were impaled by unicorns..or the least thing mimes could do is to have an 'invisible impaling' routine where they are impaled by a host of mythical creatures..I personally would pay to see a show where a mime puts on a routine where he/she is impaled by an invisible jack-a-lope.

    great year...and nice work! It's not the mountain ahead of you that wears you down, it's the grain of sand in your shoe!..not sure how that is applicable..Happy New Year!

  3. Wowie wow wow, have you guys gotten a lot done. With regard to your list, all I can say is don't take a day job, because after that you will not get anything done. Anything.

    Have a swell 2012!

  4. If a unicorn came to my house, I would feel safe because they only impale really bad people. That mime must have been a dangerous prowler. Maybe he was trying to steal your wild mushrooms!

    Happy (Safe) 2012!