Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whoot Whoot!

Here it is ! The Latest and Greatest installment of the Shop!  We are set to move to working indoors!

We have been experimenting with different types of trim. We have metal corners and a rippled metal trim at the tops of the eve sides and the most experimental... the door trim.  We took metal drip edging and bent it into a flat-ish shape and used cooper screws. It looks pretty cool. John says the jury is still out, but I really like it.  It has a hammered distressed look that contrasts nicely with the crisp clean lines of the cedar siding and galvanized front.  We also have been playing with the router ( thanks Allen!) and making fancy trim for the windows. Not pictured since everything we have made is pretty wonky.

We managed to get all of the outside protected before the cold wet weather arrived. It has been a lovely dry fall with sunny cool days but cold nights. Colder than usual due to the clear skies. Because of this, the only thing we did not manage to get done was sealing the cedar siding.  The nighttime temperatures are just too low to seal it and have the finish penetrate enough to not leave a sticky residue. That is okay though. It will be just fine until spring.

The next step is getting power run from the temporary power pole to the shop. This is proving to be a bit more complicated since the shop is going to serve as the power hub to the house. The solar panels run  DC  to the shop where it meets an inverter to turn it to AC.  I will tell you more, alot more I am sure, when I feel like I have any idea what I am talking about. Right now? Barely.  I do know that we want to set all of that up in one swoop, so we have been talking with electricians familiar with solar power and getting quotes.  Taking time to get it right is good but it does mean we are in a holding pattern again. We can't move forward with insulating  and finishing the inside of the shop until we have an electrical inspection.  That means we are spending time planning the flow of the shop and preparing to build organizing shelves and tool tables.  I am seriously chomping at the bit to make it into an actual shop.... where the tools are off the floor and I know where they are. Ohhhh... dream of the day.  I was thinking today about how excited we were just to have a level foundation for cutting!

We also got a new tool..... A WELDER! It is not set up yet, but after the first project of making a cart for it, we are going to build a wood storage rack on the back of the shop.  We will fill you in with pictures after it's inaugural bead.

Some lovely rose bushes found their way to our property this week as well. The parents of a friend of ours moved into a new house with lots of rose bushes they did not want and so we went and dug them up and transplanted them at Mellish.  They are seriously lovely, more like little trees than bushes, and we gave them the best home the Internet could tell us to. Here's hoping they like it there!


  1. ..good idea having the shop as the power hub..the shop looks great..( I feel like I am repeating looks wonderbar!)!

    ..I want to learn to weld and get a welder too..once again I have no reason to own one but that has never stopped me before..I want a plasma welder sometime I want to get a shippint container and turn it into something..besides a mess..( plasma for clean cuts is what I read )..anyway, nice work! again. wonderbar.

  2. ..and as a comment validation (or captch) for posting my previous comment was wootelad..semi close to your post topic..I thought it was a rocket to irony anyway.

  3. Congrats on the shop--it looks phenomenal! I love the metal trim and the galvanized siding. Tres chic.

  4. The shop looks great! Good work and progress on your homestead.