Friday, October 28, 2011

Nerdy Fun!

I know this is incredibly dorky of me, but I've been eagerly waiting for googlemaps to take a new satellite photo of Mellish Fields West.  All privacy aside, I've been curious about how all of the work we've done in the last year and half looks from the sky.

So you can imagine my excitement when today, while using a cool new tool called SunCalculator, which is a hacked edit to goolemaps that superimposes the path of the sun over the satellite images (very handy for somebody designing a solar PV set up), I came across our new snap shot.  And what day did they get around to taking it?  Our wedding day!

I don't know how to post the picture, but I think this LINK ought to take you there (click on the "satellite" view option)... It probably doesn't look like much, especially if you're not familiar with the lay of the land, but the house foundation, chicken coop, garden and greenhouse are all visible.  The shop and bandstand are mostly shaded by trees.  I can tell it's from the wedding day because of the cars parked in the back and the porta-potties by the greenhouse.

Thank you for humoring my geekitude.  Hoorah!


  1. I know exactly what you mean, because now that we have the water heater and the solar panels up, I wanna see what it looks like! Plus, they haven't taken a picture of the yard since before I tore up the deck and made all the beds. With my luck, though, they'll probably get it on a really bad day.

    How cool that they got your wedding day...that is just kismet.

    And geek out all you want, boy; it's your blog.

  2.! I love geeking out with google maps..I use the Android version of this software @ my place..sweet tool!

    ..and for the record if you want to take a screen capture hit PrtScn ( it copies the screen to the clipboard ) then go into MSPaint and paste it in..or use a screen grabber like snaggit or something.

    Also, please go take some pictures of that maze near your place! hehe

  3. So, my husband and I wandered over here after watching your bicycle-powered washing machine video, and I have a few things to say. First, how sweet that Google snapped new satellite photos on your wedding day! Second, that SunCalc app is so useful, so thanks for sharing. And finally -- if we hadn't clicked on that link, it would have been ages before we realized that Google recently updated its photos of our property so that now you can see it's a small farm! Totally serendipitous.