Monday, August 29, 2011

Bicycles of the Sea!

We're coming up to the end of our post-nuptual staycation.  For the last week or so we've been putting our life back together, cleaning things up, making up for lost chicken time, pickling, drying tomatoes, snapping beans and making soups from wedding leftovers.  It's been great! 

The wedding was pretty inexpensive, what with our do-it-yourself attitude and helpful friends and family.  In addition, we recieved some money from said friends and family;  possibly out of pity after seeing our rural lifestyle (although politely hidding it!) and most certainly out of love.  We debated a while about how best to use the money.  Ofcourse it would be helpful in the home building, but I don't think anyone would be super excited to hear that their gift to us went into buying 10D framing nails, or 50' extension chords.  We also didn't want it to be something completely extravagent or superfluous.  I am happy to announce that we have found an exciting solution...

Now first, it's a little ridiculous to live a mile away from the Puget Sound and not have any way to exploit it as a mode of transportation, recreation or grocery shopping.  Just the other day we went out on our neighbor Dane's boat to help him pull in a crab pot and BAM!  Free crab!  Sustainably harvested!  Between the happy dungeness roaming around under there and the salmon runs happening right now, it dawned on us that locavores and omnivores like us really need to get in on this action.  Boats, however, are expensive to maintain and moor, and run on fossil fuels unless you're a really good sailor.

Sea kayaks on the other hand..... they're the bicycles of the sea!

These lovely boats were on craigslist for a very reasonable price from a very friendly couple.  We picked them up yesterday and dropped them into Tarboo Lake today to try them out.  They're amazingly awesome.  Christy's has a purple dragon on it, which she is very excited about, and mine has a cup holder and fishing rod holder, which I intend to get a lot of use out of.  The Port of Kingston, a 2 mile bike ride from MFW, has a facility for storing kayaks, so we wont need to tow them around whenever we want to drop them in.  I've done some research about how best to crab and fish from a kayak, and can't wait to give it a shot!  And then there's all the camping we can be doing on the tiny, isolated islands of Puget Sound... we could even kayak to Canada!  A whole new world has opened to us!

Back in the other, more real world, we'll be resuming work on the shop in a couple of days, and you can look forward to hearing about our attempts to figure out bird blocking, roof sheathing and door hanging.  Hoorah!

Oh, and wedding pictures?  We're sorting those out.  You'll see some soon, if you want.


  1. You guys never cease to turn a completely obscure mode of doing something into a common sense, thoughtful, and fun looking blog! Crab fishing by kayak. I can't wait to see the end results!! I should ship you guys a bottle of minnesota vodka as a belated wedding gift lol.

  2. Aw, thanks! Trust me, though, we are flush in booze at the moment. We have a whole case of wine left over, and were also gifted a dangerous bounty of wines and whiskeys.

    Instead, donate some money to the DeKalb Urban Chicken Legalization Campaign in our names!

  3. never look a gift bottle in the mouth! hard booze never goes bad!..if you have leftover booze it means you need to drink it faster. hehe.

    WHile not a heavy drinker it is not unusual for me to have a couple beer or glasses of wine a night...I don't want to give the wrong impression of Canadians drinking too much.

    Kayaks are great!..I kayak'd in the summers as a child..A* and I are in the market for a square backed aluminum canoe for fishing..if we ever finish our inside work!! It's good to see some shots of you guys relaxing for a change..with all the activity in the last month you must be beat!

  4. There was an episode on Oregon Field Guide on OPB (local PBS) about a couple that fish from their kayaks (they were getting ling cod...slurp.... I love ling cod!) so I think you've made a wise and worthy investment with your wedding gift. The gift that keeps on giving.

    Of course we want to see wedd'n'pitchers!

  5. 8{ ) = jaw dropping in excitement!!
    The biciclists of the sea!! Love. It. Just recently had a proper smoked salmon with friends in suquamish; over an alder fire, which also served to cook up a mean oyster and clam bake :) tack on the locally harvested shrimp and you have wat was probably the best meal ive had in my short time here.

    Dont sleep on the seaweed, either! Talk about abundance.

    With much respect and love for you two, for Mellish Fields (east and west), and for your futures together. Woman. Man. And land. And... sea, apparently.