Friday, September 3, 2010

H2O, Wood Stove and Work Party!

Well, after a bit of digging and pipe-cementing and a surprisingly minimal amount of bureaucratic negotiation and paper signing, we have running water! I know what you're thinking, and yes, municipal water certainly does make us less self sufficient. Unfortunately well digging is not an option for our land, and the four season stream the runs through it is not sufficient enough to warrant pumping it uphill. With the rain we will be catching (there's quite a bit of it up here, after all), low flow faucets, the composting toilet, an absence of large water-draining appliances (dish washer, clothes washer, etc), and the increasingly complex grey water system we're designing, we should be able to keep our use to a minimum. For now the water is running to a yard hydrant in the garden area for convenient refilling of our DIY sink and shower.

This weekend we'll be setting up the wood stove we got for the yome (which I'm sure will comprise a hilarious post in the near future), building a more permanent temporary shower and begin enacting our master plan for the garden (also the subject of an upcoming post)! Let me know if you would like to come along, as someone needs to eat all these tomatoes we've grown.

I'd also like to give a brief shout out and some inter-blog love to the fine people at Homegrown Evolution, whose book The Urban Homesteader has been a huge influence and inspiration to us on our various undertakings. And they're doing it all in Los Angeles, for Christ's sake! That takes some serious guts. Their blog is always a good read and seemingly infinite source of projects that get added to our already overflowing list.

Christy has already started cooking for you, you beautiful little volunteer laborers you!

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